Our Services

Furnace Repair & Servicing


 When you think of your home furnace or heating system, it comes down to one thing; the best way to stay nice and warm on a cold winter’s night. While it’s true that having a strong furnace can keep you warm during a cold Canadian winter, there is a lot more to think about - safety, energy, efficiency and maintenance costs. 

Boiler Repair & Servicing


 Monty’s Plumbing & Heating can help with your next Boiler or Tankless Hot Water System. We provide Hot Water heating for basement and garage infloor, baseboard wall mounted units, indirect domestic hot water and Furnace Fan-coil Forced air applications. 

Hot Water Tanks


 Ever taken a cold shower because your hot water tank wasn’t working properly, or gone downstairs to discover your hot water tank has sprung a leak and you're ankle deep in water?  Like everything mechanical in your home hot water tanks are prone to failure (often when you least expect it) and sometimes, depending on product quality and installation, tanks will last only a few years  

Hydronic Systems


 Hydronic delivery heating systems, is an  efficient and safe way of heating your Home. Water is a heated energy source, circulated through a network of pumps & pipes for delivery to the concrete basement or garage floors allowing the homeowner to enjoy a quiet, efficient, & everyday low cost heating source.  



 At Monty’s, Our experience has proven that most of the time fireplace breakdowns are due to the small things and can be repaired fairly quickly with little cost. Other times you may want to add a fan to an existing fireplace with a thermostatically controlled remote device for better heat coverage & comfort. 



 Canadian winters can bring extremely dry ambient air. Keeping your home comfortable during these dry winter months can be difficult removing moisture from the air inside the house while heating your home. A properly humidified home is healthier and can reduce energy costs in the winter as much as 2-5%. 



 In addition to our already mentioned services there is always a need to fulfill our customers request for Plumbing & Gasfitting Services. On the plumbing side we repair, replace, & renew all that is plumbing in your home including the bathroom and kitchen areas. 



 On the gasfitting side we repair, replace & renew all that is gasfitting in and around your home including added services for BBQing, kitchen gas stoves, fireplaces & garage heaters with underground gas lines.  

Water Conditioning


 We offer a variety of options to deal with water problems in your home. Water is an essential part of everything we do on a daily basis. From drinking, cooking, bathing to flushing the toilet it affects the quality of our lives & family. 

Panel Systems


 Unlike forced air systems that heat inconsistently and generate uncomfortable drafts, the heated or cooled surface radiates to the surfaces of other objects in the room to help create a more uniform and consistently comfortable room temperature.  



 The garburator is a useful appliance that allows us to reduce our waste by keeping small food scraps out of our garbage. Whether you wish to add this appliance into your home or your garburator needs repairs, let Monty's Plumbing & Heating be at your services.  



 Ice makers are great to have when you need a cool drink. But just like that drink, ice makers don't last forever. They're prone to breaking down periodically and, sometimes, need to be replaced before your refrigerator. Give us a call when your ice runs out.